Supporting Local Farmers & Communities

Local Jamu was developed by R.O.L.E. Foundation during COVID-19 to create extra funding. With each bottle of jamu you purchase, you are supporting both the local farmers and communities who provide the ingredients and R.O.L.E. Foundation.

Why jamu?

Jamu is an organic traditional herbal drink well known for its healthy and healing quality. It’s a legacy of knowledge from ancestors in almost every ethnic culture in Indonesia. The vigilance of the coronavirus has made people start looking for various alternative treatments to ward off the spread of the virus, traditional herbal medicine is the safest way. And of course, fresh ones without any chemical needed are the best ones.

Local Jamu: turmeric jamu

After thorough research about jamu and training about traditional medicine, Local Jamu launched the flavour Turmeric Jamu, made from high-quality, organic ingredients. It’s vegan, so it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients.

Curcumin, a substance most active compound in turmeric, has many scientifically-proven health benefits. It’s an anti-inflammatory, potentially protecting against Alzheimer’s disease, preventing (and possibly helping treat) cancer, arthritis, and depression.

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