ROW FOR R.O.L.E. 3.0


Get ready for Hyatt 2 Hyatt Canoe Race: ROW FOR R.O.L.E. 3.0 unfolds across a jaw-dropping 13km route, starting from the iconic sunrise beach at Hyatt Regency Sanur and cruising all the way to the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua. This exclusive canoe race, the only one of its kind in Bali, is not just a thrilling ocean journey but also an initiative to empower marginalized young women.

When else would you get to blend the thrill of adventure with the warmth of a great cause? Everyone, even beginners, is welcome to join us for an unparalleled experience that marries excitement and purpose!

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2022 – ROW FOR R.O.L.E.

2023 – ROW FOR R.O.L.E. 2.0








Saturday, 27th April 2024
Start at Hyatt Regency Sanur
Finish at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua


Rowers Registered

What are you
rowing for?


This event is dedicated to fundraising for the R.O.L.E Foundation, which aids marginalized young women through the Bali WISE Program. Through this initiative, we offer essential hospitality and digital marketing training, empowering women to secure better employment opportunities and break free from the cycle of poverty.

In these current times, we recognize the substantial impact of community-based action. That’s why we’re extending a call to individuals and companies deeply passionate about equal rights and women’s empowerment to join the ROW FOR R.O.L.E. 3.0 rowing event!

Your support ensures the R.O.L.E. Foundation continues its mission, providing education and empowerment to 100 marginalized women throughout 2024. Additionally, it enables us to reach more remote areas across Indonesia, spreading the positive impact of the Bali WISE program.


How Does it Work?


For Individual & Team

Secure your slot: To secure your slot in the race, we ask that you make a first contribution of 20 USD (equivalent of Rp. 300,000) when you register for the canoe race. This amount will be added to your crowdfunding page.

Select your division: We provide a division to ensure we can cater to your needs. You can select “Single Division” for individual canoe, “Double Division” for a team of two on one canoe, “XL Division” for those who are unable to use individual canoe, and “Paddle Board Division” for those who want to race on a paddle board.

Crowdfunding page: You will receive a crowdfunding page to raise funds for R.O.L.E. Foundation using your network. As the event will include canoe rental, generous participation packages, professional safety teams and is to support R.O.L.E. Foundation in empowering marginalized women all over Indonesia, we ask you to raise a minimum of Rp. 3,000,000.

For Companies

Get your team involved in our community initiative and earn CSR accreditation, team building opportunities, and support a brighter future for Indonesian women in poverty.

Whether you run a Yoga Studio, Gym, Dive Center, or any business with returning customers, your clients can join your team, and their fundraising efforts will be credited to your business.

Minimum team size: 6 members

Benefits include:

  • Customized T-shirts with your company logo
  • Personal fundraising pages for each team member
  • Showcase your commitment to community and social responsibility by participating in Row for R.O.L.E. 3.0, representing Bali, Indonesia, and the planet.

How it works:
Secure your slot: Each team member contributes $20 USD (Rp. 300,000) to secure their place in the race.

Select your division: Choose from Single, Double, XL, or Paddle Board divisions to suit your team’s preferences.

Crowdfunding page: Each team member receives a personal crowdfunding page to raise funds for R.O.L.E. Foundation. Aim to raise a minimum of Rp. 3,000,000 per team member to support marginalized women empowerment across Indonesia.


Rp. 102,610,194

Funds raised

Beyond boundaries

Exclusive Rewards Await Top Fundraisers!


Way Beyond
For those who reached over Rp. 3,000,000 in their crowdfunding campaign will receives a BBQ dinner one day before the race.

During and After the Race
You will have a great day with great people, have a lot of rowing fun, and enjoy a delicious lunch at the amazing Grand Hyatt Bali, Nusa Dua. You will be entertained by professional band, awards, online & silent auction, raffles prizes, and more.

Top Fundraiser
Exclusive vouchers from Hyatt will be awarded to the top 3 fundraisers!

Become a sponsor

There is another way to support the ROW FOR R.O.L.E. 3.0 by becoming an event sponsor. For full information and sponsor benefits list, you can download the proposal by clicking the button below.

Event Sponsors